The Story Behind the Brand

Niagara Clothing Co was established for all with a connection to the Niagara Region. Whether you live in Niagara, are from Niagara, or have a love of the “Life Between Two Lakes” this brand was made for you.

I grew up, met my husband and started my family in St. Catharines.  Niagara is home to many of my life’s milestones. When my husband joined the Canadian Forces we had to leave Niagara. Over the years, I have missed my home.  Niagara Clothing Co. was created from a love and pride of where I’m from.   

Niagara Clothing Co. clothes, from design to print are produced in the Niagara Region.  Our flagship opened in 2021 in Niagara on the Lake.  We collaborate with local artists and designers to best represent the “Life Between Two Lakes” which has a different meaning for all who have a connection with Niagara.

This adventure has given me the opportunity to come home regularly and build a brand for the region I love.  I hope that Niagara Clothing Co. gives you a piece of home to carry with you wherever your adventure may take you, just as it has for me.